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arttransponder & berlinerpool

 Conversation with Initiatives from Germany: arttransponder & berlinerpool

With arttransponder and berlinerpool talk, PASAJist will present two Berlin-based independent art organizations in their special approaches within the art field. Founded as an artist-run space in 2005, arttransponder provides a platform for discussions and exchange focusing on interdisciplinary, site-specific, participatory and temporary art practices. Emphasis is on art which integrates the complexity of production, presentation, and reception, as well as locates itself within and links to current discourses and theory. With a focus on socio-political themes, arttransponder organizes art exhibitions and projects, workshops, screenings, lectures, talks, and panel discussions on the interface to architecture, science, natural science, theory, and politics. Additionally, arttransponder produces publications reflecting the projects. 


berlinerpool founded in 2005 by the artist Sencer Vardarman, is an artist initiative that structures a cooperative network of artists, curators, and art spaces. The online profile pages and mobile archive provide information about berlinerpool members. berlinerpool offers consulting and research services for curators develops its own projects and participates in exhibitions and events. Since 2005 berlinerpool has developed into a widespread network and information platform for contemporary art. The berlinerpool mobile archive-library consists of a physical collection of artist’s portfolios and art spaces. During the evening Tatjana Fell, artist, co-founder, and curator of arttransponder, and Andrzej Raszyk, cultural researcher, director, and executive manager of berlinerpool, will introduce the concept, project examples and special nature of their organizations by embedding this into Berlin’s special situation functioning as art metropole. 


The lectures will be followed by a short presentation in which the network of independent art spaces that both organizations belong to will be introduced. In addition, the collaborative attempts and political lobby developments in the city of Berlin will be outlined. We would like to encourage a lively discussion after the presentations and open up the floor for questions from the audience.


2011 -



Perşembe - Cuma 

14:00 - 19:00 


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