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Creating is not an easy process. It can be fun and exciting but it can be also

difficult and sometimes painful. At times, our mood can drop very quickly and

there are even times when we are not sure, we hesitate, we hurt and even

destroy ourselves. We repeat the same terrible phrases to ourselves. These are

the ones I’m looking for.


I myself want to release my phrases in order to protect myself from this

destruction. I want to turn it into a work of art. I want to build on it by combining

my phrases with other phrases of yours. I need to hear the sentences that

artists/creative people say to themselves in the most stressful moment of their

creative process. I want to include them in the artwork. I plan to turn each

sentence into two unique pieces of an art-work on paper, so one of each pair will

be returned to its owner. I would prefer it to be as you say it in your own

language (and the English translation). I would be very grateful if you could

write down one to three of your most hesitating, self-damning, self-destructive

sentences for me to work on. The process and contributors will, of course, be

kept anonymous.


Thanks in advance.

Seçil Yaylalı

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